Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Scout Note Book

How to write Scout Note Book? Firstly take a notebook and number all the pages

From the Front of the Book

Page 1:
Name of Patrol on the right hand Corner
Your Name and Address in the middle of the Page
Page 2: Index
Page no
Members of my Patrol
Scout Promise and Law

Page 3: Members of my Patrol
Page 4: Scout Promise & Law
Page 5: Session Notes

From the backside of the Book

Last 3 pages is for STA (Spare Time Activities)



Next 5 pages for daily sketches
Next 7 pages for Songs and Yells
Next 2 pages for Games
Next 1 page for Reference Books 

Hand and Whistle Signals

Hand and Whistle signals are necessary because orders either through hand or whistle signals make the scouts very attentive and alert in execution of an order.
Regular use of clear and simple signals promotes alertness and smartness amongst the young people.  Here are some whistle and hand signals.
Any signal must be instantly obeyed at the double as fast as you can run – no matter what other jobs you may be doing at the time.

Hand Signals
In campfire yarn 7 of the book ‘Scouting for Boys’ certain hand signals have been given (p. 100).  They are the following;
  • Hand waved several times across the face from side to side or flag waved horizontally from side opposite the face means ‘NO’, ‘NEVER MIND’, ‘AS YOU WERE’.
  • Hand or flag held high and waved very slowly from side to side at full extent of Arm means ‘EXTEND’, ‘GO FURTHER OUT’, ‘SCATTER’
  • Hand or flag held high and waved quickly from side to side at full extend of arm means ‘CLOSE IN’, ‘RALLY’, ‘COME HERE’.
  • Hand or flag pointing in any direction mean ‘GO IN THAT DIRECTION’
  • Clenched hand or flag jumped rapidly up and down several times means ‘RUN’
  • Hand or flag held straight up over head means ‘STOP’, ‘HALT’

When a leader is shouting an order or message to a scout who is some way off, the scout, if he hears what is being said should hold up his hand level with his head all the time.  If he cannot hear, he should stand still, making no sign. The leader will then repeats louder, or beckon to the scout to come in nearer.

Whistle Signals
  • One long blast means “SILENCE”, “ALERT”, or “LOOK OUT FOR MY NEXT SIGNAL”.
  • A succession of long, slow blasts means “GO OUT”, “GET FURTHER AWAY”, “ADVANCE”, or “SCATTER”.
  • A succession of short, sharp blasts means “RALLY”, “CLOSE IN”, “FALL IN”, or “COME TOGETHER”.
  • A succession of short and long blasts alternatively means “ALARM”, “LOOK OUT”, or “BE READY”.
  • Three short blasts followed by one long blast calls up the Patrol Leaders.
  • Two short blasts followed by one long blast calls up the Assistant Patrol Leaders.